The Downtown Ithaca Alliance Welcomes New Board Members and Officials

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance (D.I.A.) is pleased to announce the election of four new members to their board of directors. Joining returning members Michael Cannon and Tanya Vanasse are David Huckle, David Lubin, Steven Headrick and John Guttridge. David Huckle and David Lubin both fill vacant Class A: Property Owner positions. While in the Class B: Commercial Tenant category, Steven Headrick and John Guttridge will fulfill the vacant board of director openings.

All four newly elected members of the board of directors bring a range of experience and expertise to bear. In Class A David Huckle brings the understanding of a lifelong Ithaca resident as well as a real estate background. David currently serves as the Leasing and Marketing Manager for Ithaca Renting Co. Huckle’s counterpart in Class A, David Lubin, likewise brings an array of experience with him. Lubin is currently the acting President and CEO of L Enterprises, a real estate development and management company based out of Elmira, New York. In addition to managing a diverse real estate portfolio throughout New York and Pennsylvania, David is a former merchant with retail experience.

In Class B, Steven Headrick and John Guttridge were awarded seats to the board. Steven works in downtown Ithaca for Merrill Lynch while John is the president, founder and owner of Black Box Computer Consulting. Both Steven and John are active community members as Steven states that his desire to seek the DIA board position stemmed from “a desire to preserve and further develop the area in which he lives and works.” On the other hand, Guttridge is an active member in both the Taste of the Nation organizing committee and the Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to welcoming four new board members, the D.I.A. also recently elected board officers. Fulfilling the role of board President in 2011 will be Steve Hugo, while Ursula Browning will join him as Secretary and Mack Travis will fulfill the role of Chairman of Business Retention and Development. In other elections Scott Miller was nominated and won election to the Chair of Government Relations and Lynda Thompson was awarded the Chair of Marketing and Member Services. Lastly, Joe Wetmore will act as both the Special Events Chair and 1st Vice President in 2011.